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Vineyard SA Update: The Last 4 Years

Hi Friends

The last 4 years as a Movement have been characterized by:

1. Taking Stock

  • We have been engaging with the implications of the Sages changing their roles to more of a consultancy nature.

  • We have been freshly examining our heritage in this sacred trust called the Vineyard.

  • This has meant a review of values and practices that are vital to the legacy of our calling, an affirming of our DNA!

  • We have seen the development of a Broad Leadership Team consisting of Pastoral Leaders of 11 Hubs or Regions and about 17 Focus Areas in various stages of emergence.

  • We have now moved from 16 to 25 regularly contributing Churches.

  • Many Focus Areas have become proactively fruitful. The contributions of the Sages are being appreciated.

  • We have been able to serve in specific ways:

  1. The 3G's of Giving, Going & Growing

  2. Missions to various African countries

  3. Teams visiting in SA which is so refreshing.

  4. Team visits from outside SA (e.g., Brian Blount)

  5. Pastoral Refreshing and Training Intensives

  6. Worship Conference Focus

  7. Variety of relevant conference type events, especially with John and Eleanor Mumford and four SA speakers on Classic Vineyard

2. Healing Wounds

  • We have embraced areas of conflict, disappointment, misunderstanding and unresolved tensions.

  • Many conversations and interventions have been engaged in. For many of us this has been exhausting and tedious. We have felt frustrated on many sides in this process. Hopefully our patience and proactive engagement is positioning us to move beyond being held captive to historic hurts or angers. The past should not hold our future to ransom!

  • We have also travelled through the Covid19 years with all their challenges and complications. We have appreciated the help we received from the DACH AVC and others in this regard.

3. Hopes and Dreams

  • We are now poised to move into positive engagement with the hopes and dreams on God’s heart for the Vineyard in SA.

  • Now we look forward. We have a future and a hope!

  • Just as this movement was birthed with a radical reaching for Presence-led churches we now lean into the empowering Presence of Jesus by His Spirit.

  • This means we will shake off passivity, fearful or timid leadership ways in our churches and awaken to a New Day.

  • The call for Core Vineyard Churches with 'Flavour, Fellowship and Finance' will become the norm.

  • This is the call of The Morning Star!

To the one who overcomes, the Lord says:

'I will also give that one the morning star.'

Revelation 2:28 NIV.

The morning star language in Revelation 2: 28 is Messianic —it refers to Jesus who would come from Judah. We know this by considering two other passages. In Numbers 24: 17, we read the prophecy that “a star will go out from Jacob, and a sceptre will rise from Israel.”

It was about the dawning of the returned Kingdom of God under its Messiah. Later in the book of Revelation, Jesus himself refers to his Messianic standing with the morning star language: “I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star” (Rev 22: 16).

Now is the time for a Joshua generation to arise and take possession of the land! This is the focus in Vineyard SA over the next 3 to 5 years.

What does this mean?

# Dream bigger dreams. Get beyond comfort zones. Break out of ruts. Say 'YES' to change. Make your life count. Have done with lesser things. Make the Main Thing the Main Thing.

This is Operation Morning Star!

# We now lean into:

- Prayer and Prophetic actions

- Radical Compassion and Testimony

- Intentionally calling Leaders

- Sowing and Reaping Thinking

- Focussing on Where the Lord is leading beyond historical handicaps.

- Joy-filled Fellowship events.

# We simply must make space for the enjoyment of our life in the Lord!!!

# Actually, it's all about LEADERSHIP!

In short, we now press in to 'be with Jesus' in prayerful, listening and contemplative ways that ask, 'What is the Spirit saying to the churches?' Then like Peter and John, us ordinary people will start to do extraordinary exploits that make people take note and Jesus becomes famous.

Personally, we thank you for the trust to lead 'among you' ('Shepherd the flock of God which is AMONG YOU, serving as overseers,...' 1 Pet 5:2). We thank the Regional Leaders, the Focus Area Leaders, and all who have contributed in so many ways. Thanks too for Leigh-Anne's administrative prowess! Much love, Dave and Colleen National Directors, Vineyard SA.

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