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Vineyard SA Update : Core Vineyard Churches SA

To All Paricipants in Vineyard SA

Hi Friends

As we continue to steward the sacred trust and legacy that is our calling in Vineyard SA we will do well to clarify core issues and our varied levels of expression in participating churches.

We are committed to Centred Set thinking as opposed to Bounded Set. We focus on ' What's your direction? ' (Not your position). We want to clarify what that Centre is , namely Christology. It's all about Jesus and His Kingdom in our lives. This letter refines the implications of this for us.

Currently VSA has the following participating churches:

1. Member Churches(32)

2. Friends of Vineyard (17)

3. Church Plants(18)

4. Missions (7)

(Total 74)

We respect the differences and recognize the autonomy of local church leaders as they seek to follow the leading of the Lord in and for their churches.

However it seems anomalous that certain essential characteristics of Vineyard are downplayed. We would do well to recognize this and build a healthy core grouping of churches who embrace these essentials.

Three Essential Characteristics of Core Vineyard Churches:


These churches clearly carry the DNA of the Vineyard Genetic Code.

They carry the name and exercise the spiritual culture expressed in the Vineyard.


The leaders of these churches meet cooperatively at least every 4 to 6 weeks in Regional Hubs for mutual support and accountability.


These churches faithfully contribute 6% to VSA.

(On average there are 22 Vineyard churches plus 2 Friends currently contributing monthly to Vineyard SA).

All three of these characteristics would need to be consistently present for the integrity of a Core Vineyard Church.

We are therefore proposing that we call for the Recognition of Core Vineyard Churches

These Core Vineyard Churches will then form defining and inspiring examples to strengthen our commitment to working from the inside outwardly, by inspiration not obligation.

None of this excludes the other levels of participation but it does clarify expectations and thereby lower frustrations. It calls for healthier expressions.

This enables us to maintain our open table policy while still developing authentic depth in the family of Vineyard Churches.

What do you think?

We welcome constructive conversations on these things as we refresh the Centre!

Much love

Dave and Colleen

National Directors, Vineyard SA

Ps. We will be away 13 March - 4 April attending the VND's meeting in the UK ( and visiting Caleb and Jess in Bristol for a few days).

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