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Vineyard National Conference SA 2022

Dear Pastors and Friends of the Vineyard,

We were delighted to have so many of you attend the Vineyard National Conference here in Gqeberha!

It was a pleasure to have so many attending this special post covid event. We were encouraged by the inputs from the Mumfords as well as the 4 sessions by our South African pastors and thanks to Matt, all the inputs can be accessed through the links below.

Sessions from Conference:

Unedited livestreams:

It is particularly encouraging to see many of the Focus Areas rising in significance and impact. In this regard, anyone wanting to sign up with any of these Focus Areas, please contact Leigh-Anne. However there is a link for those particularly wanting to sign up with the Social Justice group provided by Robyn Wolfson Vorster. Robyn would love it if anyone who attended the social justice workshop along with anyone who didn’t, but is involved in social justice initiatives (or would like to be), would fill it out the Google form:



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