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Pastors Advance 2022

“'Lindy and I were deeply blessed and privileged to have attended our first Pastors Advance at Riet. It was so refreshing meeting and learning from fellow brothers and sisters from Vineyard churches all across South Africa. The transparency and depth of the sharing at all levels was so encouraging for us. John Scholtz's teaching on leadership was so anointed and hit home for us, in so many areas. Throughout the couple of days we sensed Jesus' presence by His Holy Spirit. The highlight for us was our believer's baptism, which was such a deep and moving experience for us. The Holy Spirit came on us afresh as we were baptized by Dave and Dave. The prophetic words spoken over us and our ministry, before our baptism, was deeply affirming and confirming of our call in Jesus to this new ministry. Lindy and I would both like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dave and Colleen and the team who led and provided for us so graciously over our time at Riet.”

David & Lindy Stansbury

"The mental break and the swim in the sea was AMAZING. Not very spiritual I know, but just what I needed"

Andrew Davies

“Riet was an absolute wonderful experience of worship, great teaching, fellowship, good food and sea air. A complete restoration of body, mind and soul.”

Blessings from Rob and Steph.

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