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Kenya Ordination

Colleen and I had a wonderful adventure participating in and supporting the installation and ordination of Edgar King as National Director for AVC Kenya. We celebrated the amazing legacy of Noah and Mary Gitau who have served in this capacity over the past number of years.

It was particularly encouraging to see the strength of support by all the generations for Edgar’s appointment. Noah handled the process with amazing maturity and wisdom.

Much was said about the challenges of Edgar’s singleness, in fact his dad, Reuben, declared publicly his encouragement for Edgar to choose a wife.

The whole event was wonderfully hosted by Trinity Vineyard in Nakuru and various other supportive people in the Kenya AVC. The level of unity and affection that is enjoyed by these very special people was truly inspirational. The excellence with which they led in all aspects including the worship, the livestreaming, the input and the ministry time, was deeply encouraging.

We were generously hosted, and enjoyed a significant level of authentic relating, this included a hike up to the Menengai prayer caves and crater as well as a day on Naivasha Lake.

We salute Noah and Mary in their courage and wisdom to handle this process as they have done.

Edgar has a gift mix and wider support that will make Kenya AVC an example for many other emerging AVC’s across Africa. He has this amazing ability to make everyone he speaks to feel undeniably special. His focus and attentiveness are hallmarks of his interpersonal relationship style. His vitality and youthfulness are wonderful assets in this context.

Go well Noah and Mary and strength and wisdom to you, Edgar, we love and support you all.



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