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Thoughts from Dave

To All Vineyard Leaders, Members and Friends

Dear Friends,

Colleen and I greet you from this sunset evening while on safari in the Northern Cape and Kalahari with some of our children and grandchildren. Caleb and Jess left for their new roles at Bristol Vineyard (UK) two weeks ago (via Ghana).

We have wondered about the strange developments while on this trip, including level 4 Lockdown adjustments, the crazy tactics of Jacob Zuma and his imprisonment, the continued rape of the economic processes of our nation through instigated looting, and of course the amazing expressions of unity and goodwill by so many who have jumped into the ring with active love and generosity of time, resources, and support.

We celebrate the engagement of so many in so many sacrificial ways! You have done well.

As I have walked in this arid and beautifully hardy country, I would like to share these four reflections:

1. We celebrate the expressions of unity which superseded the racist divisions with all the usual vitriol and acrimony.

2. We celebrate the passion of so many who have rallied to say NO to the lies and assumed ENTITLEMENTS which have plagued our country and are now beginning to be called to account by the imprisonment of Jacob Zuma and hopefully all state ‘capturists’ and looters. (Perhaps fuelled by mismanaged affirmative action and BEE).

In contrast we have seen so many rising up to give, share, and support.

3. We celebrate this wake-up call to EMPOWER people through training and equipping.

The tardiness to significantly commit to training and equipping people for meaningful and productive engagement with livelihoods has contributed to the whirlwind of frustrated people. When we acknowledge the unemployment pandemic reaching upwards of 70% of youth, we should see quite clearly what has been fomented by the inadequate empowering of our people. (Oh, for the reopening of Training Colleges and apprenticeships).

Wherever we can, we should make an appreciable difference by training and equipping others.

4. We celebrate how our diversity is finding COURAGE to rise above all tendencies which feed fear and selfishness, including talk of tribalism as well as the fear mongering fake newscasters.

Time and again we see the grip of fear and superstition that plays out from ancestral worship in the name of cultural attachments. FEAR is a toxin that poisons our people and destroys proactive positivity. It also fuels the aggressions and defensiveness of tribal acrimony.

So, it is such a joy to celebrate the COURAGE displayed by so many in declaring "ENOUGH" over the lawlessness that threatens to derail hope.

Daniel 11: 32 says "Those who know their God will be strong and do exploits".

May the Lord continue to Grace us all to be those people and do those exploits.

In Him


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